Epping/Chatswood rail line to close


Words by Raelee Lancaster

Opened in 2009, the Epping/Chatswood rail line has for six years been a convenient mode of transportation for many Sydney commuters, and none more so than Macquarie University students.

Now however, the Baird Government wants the northern rail line upgraded and expanded to include suburbs like Rouse Hill. Project Director of the North-West Rail Link, Rodd Staples, told the Sydney Morning Herald that “the type of work that needed to be done on the Epping/Chatswood line included the installation of screen doors on platforms as well as a new signaling system to allow for automatic trains.”

To complete this upgrade, the rail line will be shut down temporarily, with some reports indicating it could be months till Macquarie commuters have access to their train line again. Speaking at a press conference, NSW Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian refused to confirm the duration of the line’s closure, stating that “once those negotiations are final and the contract is signed I will be more than happy…to share all the information we have.”

Whilst the line’s closure will undoubtedly cause disruptions for Macquarie University train commuters, there are fears it will also have flown on effects to the road, resulting in traffic build up and delays. Students are being advised to allow extra travel time to get to and from the university during the closure period.