Survival Tips: What makes a student society?




WORDS | Raelee Lancaster

Student societies. A community of acceptance and fun, where people grow and learn who they are in this big world. Without student societies, university would be a boring place. DRAMAC is Macquarie University’s Dramatic Arts Society and also its oldest society. Created in 1967, DRAMAC is almost as old as the university itself. But what has made it last so long? What makes this society, and other societies like it, so great? Here are a few reasons:

1. The most obvious reason students societies have lasted is that they are a way of finding new friends who share similar beliefs and passions with you. Whether it be by bonding over your love for Doctor Who or meeting with people of the same cultural background, the friends you meet could completely change your life and last you a life time.

2. Societies provide a fun, and often cheap, distraction from your hectic workload. As university students, we are all looking for fun ways to spend our spare time that doesn’t put a gaping hole in our already dented wallets.

3. Societies, like the Macquarie University Ancient History Association, allow you to get to know your lecturers. This can be a little frightening at first, especially if you’re coming from high school where teachers can be known to be emotionless harpies with no social lives. Surprisingly you might realise that teachers are actual people too.

4. Networking is also a beneficial aspect of student societies. Talking to meet people is the most crucial part of networking, and you never know who you could meet at a society function. They could be your ticket to get your next internship or paid job.

Comrev 2013 1
DRAMAC’s Comedy Revue 2013

5. On that note, societies are great resume builders. Running group activities, doing volunteer work and earning experience within and through your society is great way to impress future employers.

6. They get you out of your comfort zone. Have you ever wanted to try acting, but are more of the “behind-the-scenes” type? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to dress up as a Viking and drink mead all day, but are worried people will look at you weirdly? Well there is no need to be ashamed to try something new with Macquarie’s inclusive societies.

7. That brings me to my next point: student societies provide a safe environment for you to explore your interests without the fear of judgement.

8. It doesn’t matter which society you are a part of. Be part of the Physics and Astronomy Society or the Adventure Time Society and you’ll be bound to learn something new and exciting to throw around in conversation at your next trivia night.

9. Another perk is that you can join as many societies as you want! As long as you have the time, that is. This is great for those of you who have multiple, diverse interests.

10. There is something for everyone! With cultural, professional, humanitarian, performing arts, political, religious and spiritual, and social student societies, Macquarie has a group to fit everyone’s tastes. Yes, including all of you pyromaniacs out there.