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Conception Day has been a tradition at Macquarie University since 1969; a year which is both apt and amusing. Veterans are surely keen for the celebrations, but for those new students out there who have no clue what Conception Day is about, this fun-filled day is equipped with live music, and carnival rides, and is sure to leave you in a drunken haze.

WORDS | Raelee Lancaster

The origin of Conception Day is to celebrate Macquarie University’s namesake, Major-General Lachlan Macquarie. His birthday happened to fall on an unfortunate day during the university calendar, so instead, we celebrate his conception.

With Conception Day being the most popular social event on the university calendar, Macquarie University Assistant Marketing Manager, Jean Posthoorn offered me some important information about the day, and how students can make the most of it. Here are the top 10 things I think you need to know about Conception Day 2014:

1. PARTY LIKE IT’S…2014.

Everybody loves a party! Lucky for you, Conception Day is a big excuse for you to let out your inner party animal. There are several pre-parties being held by on-campus residences on the day of the event. These parties include fun activities for residences. However, they are quite exclusive. Therefore, Campus Life will be holding a ‘Macquarie Carnivale’. This celebration consists of a series of events held throughout the week of Conception Day. The ‘Macquarie Carnivale’ is a fairly new addition to Conception Day, but is a fun-filled week for all students, including those who aren’t attending Conception Day.


I cannot stress how important ID is when attending Conception Day. This is an ‘over 18’ event, so a valid photo ID is crucial. This could include a valid proof of age by a driver’s licence, or passport. Also, if you are a student purchasing a student ticket, you must bring your student ID with you as proof of enrolment. This means you cannot purchase cheap tickets for your friends under your name – non-Macquarie University students must buy a ‘Guest’ ticket, which are often more expensive. There have been a fair few people who have been denied entry because they forgot to bring valid identification, so beware.


Don’t laugh, because this has happened. There have been cases of people forgetting their tickets. I have heard of people having to rush home to retrieve it! Luckily, most of them lived on-campus. Tickets are scanned on the day, and without one, you will be denied entry into the festival. Also, watch out for discounts on ticket prices. This means watching the Conception Day website and Facebook page often, and getting in early, because prices rise the longer you wait.


There is a coat check inside the event, but DON’T FORGET TO RETRIEVE YOUR THINGS BEFORE YOU LEAVE. On that note, if you don’t check something in and it goes missing, it’s your responsibility. So don’t bring anything too valuable or something that could get easily broken, and don’t leave bags unattended!


DRINK RESPONSIBLY. This is probably my most important tip. As this is an ‘over 18’ event, alcohol is available for purchase inside the event. Firstly, cover your drinks. Yes, this is a university event, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a possibility of being slipped something. Secondly, there are signs inside the venue as safety reminders, so don’t try to be cool by getting maggoty-drunk and passing out, or throwing up all over the place. It’s not attractive. The right to refuse entry due to excessive drunkenness, among other reasons, is reserved.


Seriously, don’t. You could injure yourself or someone else, and while the ladies may like battle scars, being carried out of Conception Day on a stretcher wouldn’t exactly be my idea of fun. Try to refrain yourself from dangerous activities, such as stage diving, crowd surfing, and moshing. Not only are these activities prohibited, but you risk getting kicked out of Conception Day and even fined. Again, be responsible when consuming alcohol.


Don’t bring harmful, dangerous, or illegal possessions into the event. Yes, this may seem like a no-brainer, but these things happen. The risk of being caught with illicit material is high as there will be police and dogs present, and other security measures will be in place. Security reserves the right to check anyone and their possessions when they enter the event. A list of prohibited items include: bottles, cans, glass, skateboards, boogie boards, milk crates, chairs, stools (folding or otherwise), studded wristbands or belts, water pistols, fireworks, alcohol, drugs, laser lights, weapons of any type, umbrellas, video and tape recording devices, animals, and any other items considered illegal or dangerous.


Be aware that photography and videography will be ongoing inside the event. The images belong to Macquarie University and Conception Day, and may be used on social media and other promotional material.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Condoms are freely available at Conception Day. Seriously, last year Bluejuice chucked a bucket load on my head. A load of condoms, that is… Utilise the resources given to you, keep hydrated, and don’t forget, don’t be a fool, cover your tool!

10. F IS FOR…

Fun! Enjoy yourself, dance ‘til your little heart’s content, and relish in being a part of such an amazing university. These are (supposedly) the best years of your life, embrace that.

Come along to Macquarie University’s 45th Conception Day, held on 19 September on the Lakeside Lawn.

More information on Conception Day can be found on the Conception Day Facebook page or their website

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