Feminism Column: Women Deserve Better



WORDS | Jo Clark-Wroe

A few weeks ago, an article about celebrity-wannabe Josie Cunningham was brought to my attention. She was planning to get an abortion in order to fulfil her career and I was very much like “you go girl!” (Until I realised that her career aspirations included Big Brother and a pink Range Rover).

However, it shouldn’t matter what her career aspirations are or what I think of them. What matters is that a woman, regardless of her reason, should be entitled to one of her basic human rights, which is, yes, you guessed it, abortion.

Choosing to have an abortion is a complicated and confusing decision that doesn’t need to be made more difficult by legislation. You can argue over and over again, “but a foetus has a heartbeat and fingernails.” However, it could be able to do the Macarena and that would still not change the fact that it is the person who is pregnant that has the RIGHT to make the decision.

Sonya Renee’s poem, ‘What Women Deserve’ highlights the issues with governmental policies and a society that doesn’t support single mothers “that just flat out don’t want to pay for shit, but want to control the woman who’s having it.”

Enough is enough with people who are more outraged at abortion than they are towards the hypocritical culture that is embedded in our society. Enough is enough with people who are more outraged at abortion t han they are at the fact that an estimated 68,000 women die every year from unsafe abortion, and the millions more who are injured.

We cannot place abortions on a spectrum of “good” or “bad,” and the women who choose to have an abortion cannot be ranked on a scale of deserving to undeserving. Everyone has the right to bodily autonomy. It’s about time more people realised that.