Wellbeing Column: Colour Therapy



WORDS | Sukriti Gautam

Colour therapy is the latest discovery of an ancient science. According to science, colours have wavelengths that are visible through our naked eyes (electro-magnetic energy). The colour we see is what is reflected from the object. So, a red ball attracts all colour wavelengths but the red. Colours not only have the power to change one’s mood, but also have healing properties. The oldest known colour therapist was Orpheus in Greece, in the 6th century who used the vibration energy of light for healing and spiritual purposes. Let us understand the qualities of some of these colours.

Red is associated with power and is very useful in curing arthritis, pains and backaches. Excess of red leads to a dominant and angry nature.

Yellow is a liberating, inspiring and thought-provoking colour that is known to increase clarity of thought and mental awareness. It has an influence on pancreas. Excess of yellow leads to lack of concentration and malice.

Green is a balancing and neutralising colour that is known to connect us to unconditional love and harmonising our whole being. Green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. Excess of green leads to jealousy, insecurity and lack of motivation.

Blue is a relaxing and tranquillising colour that is known to promote communication and speech. It is associated with openness and peace, and is useful in curing throat-related diseases, like a cough and cold. Excess of blue leads to doubt, distrust and sadness.

Violet is a spiritual and divine colour that is known to enhance creativity and self-awareness. Violet is associated with a state of perfect bliss and contentment, and is useful in curing depression, autoimmune disorders, and psychosis. Excess of violet leads to fanaticism and extreme passion.

White is the best colour as it is formed by all colours; in perfect balance and harmony. White light raises the vibration of one’s consciousness and the body, bringing harmony in all aspects of one’s life. Directing white into a part of the body that needs healing, is one of the fastest ways to bring about healing.

By imagining that the desired colour falls upon us or the desired part of our body, we can heal the mind, and the body will surely follow suit.