Wellbeing Column: Revitalise


 WORDS | Sukriti Gautam

When was the last time you took a deep breath?

Within seconds after our birth, we take in a deep breath and loudly cry out,
announcing our existence to the world. When we die, our breath is the last
thing to depart. Hence, we can say that breath is soul, and soul is breath. Every single
breath inevitably generates energy for the organs to function. Over the years, the way
we breathe changes. Our state of mind and our emotions has a huge impact on our
breathing style.

For example, when we are talking, sleeping, reading, or focussing on something, our
breathing rate slowly decreases and becomes shallow. On the other hand, when we are
in a hurry, angry, stressed or crying, our breath fastens, but it remains shallow. In both
of these cases, we are exhausted as the body cannot generate enough energy to sustain
the emotion with our shallow breathing. Therefore, we look for alternatives to increase
the energy levels, like cigarettes, chocolate, coffee, food, and so on. Not only the mind,
but also the body has biological methods to increase energy levels, like yawning. After a
yawning episode, we feel a sudden rush of energy running up the chest.

When we breathe deeply and hold our breath for a couple of seconds before letting
go, the energy rushes all around the body, and a sense of joy is felt. By doing this, we
increase positive thoughts, and our immune system strengthens. Sometimes, just by
breathing deeply and visualising the flow of energy into a certain body-part, we can ease
the pain. Regular deep breathing not only has health benefits, but also induces a deep
sense of peace, and we start to feel emotionally balanced.

So just breathe deeply.