VOTES “DELETED” in Student Election


Today, as the polls were closing on student elections, the university emailed the student body to inform them that their votes have been “deleted”.

Angela Voerman, this year’s Returning Officer, issued the following explanation:

“The University is committed to providing a transparent and robust process for student elections. It has come our attention that the current elections for the Student Advisory Board and student representatives on Academic Senate have not included the option to vote preferentially, which contravenes the relevant University By-Laws and Rules”.

However, the reasons why preferential voting was not available in the first place have not yet been identified.

What does this mean? 

The implications on voter turnout are unclear. It has been speculated that this could diminish the number of students who are willing to vote in the elections; remembering that for some this will be the second ballot. Other students have suggested that the extended time period could be beneficial.

If you’ve gone and nominated yourself for a position on the Student Advisory Board or Academic Senate, then let’s hope you’ve held on to your campaign materials. Voting has now been extended to 5pm Monday, 12 May.

You will have to go and tell all your friends to vote…again.

If you’re the average student go and check your student email. The ballots have been reissued.