Postcards From Spain


WORDS | Sarah Basford

As I stare out of the dirty window of my hostel onto a wet and dreary Lisbon, I recall fond memories of my time in Spain. From the dingy tapas bars to the crumbling medieval churches, Spain became the cliché home away from home. Spending three weeks at the University of Alcalá, gave me a new perspective on my university life in Australia. Leaving behind a campus full of green fields and modern architecture, and arriving at the second oldest university in Spain was surprisingly, a walk in the park.

My Australian companions and I were received with the usual, “Wow, you’re far from home” – although some of the foreign students always seemed to know a friend of a friend that had studied at Macquarie University or had been to Sydney.

So, in between all of the incredibly cheap tapas and the heart attack inducing pastries, something was learnt here. While going on exchange is an enriching and enjoyable experience, it is still nice to call Macquarie University home.


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