Postcards from Norway


WORDS | Regina Featherstone

Studying abroad is not a decision made lightly, but it seems I forgot to think about what it actually meant to be studying at a new campus.

One of the reasons I chose Macquarie University was the openness and beautiful greenery by the lake. When I arrived in Norway and looked at the University of Oslo’s campus, I soon realised that I was downtown in buildings and surrounded by snow. It’s worlds away from my life at MQU; but that’s why I chose exchange. E

very experience has been so very new: the giant snowflakes, the slippery ground, and the chilly, minus fifteen degree days. My European friends think I’m cute because every day I say something like, “this is the first frozen lake I have ever seen,” or when it first dipped to minus five degrees, I said, “This is the coldest temperature I have ever been in.”

If I could sum up my cultural learnings in some short sentences, it would be: Norwegian are fit, snow is cold, beer is $13 AUD, Norway is beautiful, and did I mention cold?


File:Flag of Norway.svg