Goat Simulator is here!



WORDS | Samuel Ip

Goat Simulator. What a weird name, you might say. In the game’s description on Steam, the developers merely describe the game in one line: “You can be a goat”. It has to be a joke, right?

Well, it was, sort of. Developed by Swedish indie developer Coffee Stain Studios, Goat Simulator was originally a joke prototype made by the team during their internal “game jam”. When footages of the game were leaked onto the Internet, people became crazily obsessed about the game. As the hype for the game built on, the studio eventually decided to release it on Steam.

The only gameplay element (yet) of the game is roaming around the game world knocking over stuff for points and chaos. You can also use the goat’s tongue to “lick” stuff, which will cause objects to stick allowing you to drag them around causing more damages. The game is currently full of bugs, and while there are no more fatal crashing bugs, the physics in-game is still very buggy and will cause all sorts of weird problems here and there. On the bright side, this actually adds more fun to the game, as the player will experience all sorts of unexpected events.

The game also supports “Steam Workshop”, which allows users to create new content to modify the game, and within the first week of release there have already been mods for new character models.

While some criticised that the game’s success relies very much on social media hype and provides little to no actual gameplay, I feel that joke games like Goat Simulator are a reminder that a game can be anything, or as GameSpot editor Danny O’Dwyer puts it, “games should be dumb once in a while!”

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