Environment Column: Tap In To Tap It

Water fountains on campus

WORDS | Sarah Basford

Water is the world’s most precious resource. It is vital for sustaining life on Earth and
because of this reason, it has become a commodity.

Long has there been a debate between bottled and tap water, with many people choosing the former. Unfortunately, for our little friend, Mother Nature, this means there is a great demand for the mass production of plastic, and that almost, always results in detrimental effects to the environment. Think of all the cute, furry animals that get killed by plastic each year. Death by plastic is not okay; we want death by natural causes.

Australia spends over $500 million a year on bottled water, which generates more than 60, 000 tons in greenhouse gas emissions. It’s safe to say that buying bottled water is not helping Mother Nature to prosper. The worst part about this is that it actually takes one litre of water to create a 375ml plastic bottle. That means that millions of litres of water are wasted every year just on plastic production. So, what can we do? Macquarie University has just signed on to the “Tap It” campaign, meaning that they promise to provide clean and fresh water fountains to refill reusable bottles. You can purchase BPA free, reusable bottles at the Mac Shop, as well as the Sports and Aquatic Centre, or even bring your own from home. The Macquarie University website also provides an interactive map that shows all the water fountain sites on campus. Yay.

So the next time you leave home, remember to bring a reusable bottle so you can t-t-t-t-tap it.

(DISCLAIMER: No one was hurt during the writing of this column. Only my dignity.)

For more info go to: mq.edu.au/tapit