Worth your weight in gold



Words | Kristina Cavanna

It’s not often that a member of the Macquarie University staff is nationally honoured. This year, however, Macquarie has had three staff members honoured. On Australia Day, 26 of January, Chancellor Michael Egan, Distinguished Professor, David Throsby, and Emeritus Professor, Anthony Blackshield, were all appointed Officers of the Order of Australia.

When asked how he felt about being awarded this honour, Michael Egan, Macquarie University’s Chancellor since 2008, said that it is a reminder for us to “never underestimate the importance of the work you do.”

“People who work here are not only worth their weight in gold, but are also very privileged… they are in a unique position to transform and improve lives… most people at Macquarie deserve an honour because they do a great job!”

But Egan admits that this award was not solely the result of hard work. “I think anyone who is in a position to be given an Australian honour will admit that they’ve had a lot more good luck in their life, than they have bad luck… I certainly feel very grateful for the honour… but it also reminded me of how lucky I’ve been throughout my life.”

As a past Chancellor of Macquarie, Michael Egan presided over all student graduation ceremonies. “I thought it would be quite a chore… It’s the most enjoyable aspect of my job.”

“Having the opportunity of seeing the pride and joy of students’ families has made me realise what a difference studying at Macquarie University has made to their lives.” Egan describes graduation as “an achievement you should celebrate”, strongly advising all students to attend their own. He goes further, providing wise words to students in the hope that they may embrace all the opportunities university has to offer.

“Enjoy yourself, but work hard. If you need help, ask for it. Get involved in university life. Meet new people, and embrace new cultures… They are the four pieces of advice I’d give to any student.”

Congratulations to Macquarie’s Chancellor and Professors. Grapeshot would like to thank you for your years of hard work at the University.