Macquarie Students Hit it Off with New Webseries




We are a group of film students at Macquarie who over the past year, have been working on a webseries titled “N’everland”. It’s been filmed on campus with local students and in collaboration with a number of student groups. N’everland will be released on Youtube from 17 March at 7pm and each episode will be screened on a weekly basis.

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The Plot

“Pilot” – Red begins her life at University. Along the way she encounters plenty of fresh faces and decides to join a society called ‘N’everland’. But is all as it seems or has Red signed up for something she will regret? on N’EVERLAND, MONDAY MARCH 17TH, 2014 on FIN Productions YouTube Channel.



Katherine Nheu (Cindy)

Jessica Angelopoulos (Red)

Zoe Tomaras (Gemma)

Aidan Chalmers (Sean)

Victoria Little (Sam)

Charlie Carpenter (Damian)

Timothy Camden (Griffin)

Lachlan Mccubbin (Crony)



Joel Evans (Onesie Guy)

Shahbaz Malik (English Lecturer)

TBA (Muffin Man)


WRITTEN BY: Joel Evans & Melissa Bahrum

DIRECTED BY: Melissa Bahrum