Welcome to Issue 8 ‘Travel’


Deputy Editor Mia Kwok runs through the ‘grand final’ of Grapeshot 2013. 


You have in your hands the biggest edition of a student publication we have ever had at Macquarie University. In 60 sexy pages, we are sharing the stories of the students here that want you to see the world. So we have prepared for you the ‘travel’ edition, something you can enjoy over the summer. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the world, or holidaying in your own backyard, we have the tips, tricks and cautionary tales to make sure you have the time of your life.

As university students, we expect that you’re applying the same analytical skills to your holiday as you do in the classroom. Whether you’re evaluating your luggage (p.49), the cost effectiveness of your trip (p.27) or perhaps trying to determine how you can truly help others (p.16 & p.30). Let us take you by the wrist and direct you where to go.
We really hope you enjoy this, the final edition of Grapeshot for 2013.

Thanks for reading,

Nathan & Mia


Acknowledgements/Special Thank-You

For most students, the end of the year signifies the end of assessments, of exams and the start of the holidays. For those of us at Grapeshot, though, it is the end of an era. It is the end of 3am edits, the end of ‘official meetings’ at Ubar and it is the end of a stellar team.

I want to thank the B.O.S.S. editorial team of 2013, who are going to go on to kick-ass careers. You guys were the absolute core of these past eight issues, so thank you Brendon, Olivia, Sarah and Steph for all your hard work.

Thanks must be given to our web editor, Megan. We can only say good riddance (to you I dedicate all the Green Day references). I know without a doubt that you have a successful future ahead of you.

Grapeshot would not be in your hands today if it weren’t for the relentless efforts of Alycia, our Campus Engagement Officer. In fact, you wouldn’t even have heard of us without her hard work and imagination.

We also owe so much to Rosie and her photography team for the beautiful images that grace our covers and the pages within. Equally, you can’t go past Michelle’s amazing skills with graphics that have added to the delight of reading each edition.

A special thanks goes to Ally, Ben and Varun who formed the advertising team this year. We hate ads, but we love you dearly.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to the massive team of contributors who have written, dreamed, photographed, researched and created some truly spectacular things this year.

It would be remiss of me not to thank the entire Campus Engagement office for their support over the year, without which we would never have produced an issue, nor would we have been able to get those unforgettable launch parties off the ground.

And so, it is with huge reluctance that I say it is also the end of Nathan’s reign as Editor-in-Chief. Nathan’s vision for the magazine has really lead all of us over the past year to make Grapeshot bigger (literally) and better than ever before. Without his creative genius, leadership and dedication I know I would have struggled this year; instead working on Grapeshot is something that I will always be proud of.

We want to thank you, dear reader, most of all. We did it all for you.

Love, Mia on behalf of the Grapeshot Team 2013