Q&A With Allday


INTERVIEW Sarah Basford

We spoke to Allday about his influences and his upcoming show at Conception Day.

For the students of Macquarie University, who is Allday?

I’m a decent rapper and a bad singer. I have long hair and a fairly bad track record at life. I rap because I can’t think of anything better to do.

According to Bandcamp, you have quite an extensive back catalogue of music for such a young artist. How often do you record your material and is it as easy as you make it look?

I have made a lot of music but not all of it is good. I record as much as possible. When I’m working on a project, I spend 1 or 2 long days a week in the studio. Then the other 5 days, I’m writing.

What kind of things can influence your music?

90s hip hop, new hip hop, soul music, pretty girls, tropical shirts, Axl Rose, skateboarding, Nintendo 64, being poor, movie violence, insecurity and chocolate milk.

What’s in store for punters at Conception Day from Allday?

I bring my DJ, Mikey Hundred, with me and we rap and yell and all that.

What are you looking forward to most at Conception Day?

Hopefully somebody awards me an honorary P.H.D in Rapology (hint hint).

What is next for Allday?

In an immediate sense, after this I’m going to probably watch YouTube videos for a little while. Then maybe drink some cordial and call it a night. In a music sense, I’ll be releasing a single next month and then my debut album early next year.

Check out Allday’s single, ‘Girl In The Sun’ featuring Brady James