Interview With Chris From Suburban Dark


INTERVIEW Sarah Basford

We spoke to Chris Irvine of Suburban Dark who revealed his plans for Conception Day.

For the students of Macquarie University, who is Suburban Dark?

We are a duo who make bass music specialising in dirty grinding beats

What kind of things can influence your gritty “fight-beats”?

A lot of them stem from visual influences- mainly horror and sci-fi movies. From a sound perspective, we listen to a lot of aggressive hip hop from, both, the States and the UK as well as trap/ dirty electronica and any other turbo sounding beats

What can we expect from Suburban Dark at Conception Day?

Our set will be hard hitting from the get go. We will have a coupla MCs joining us to help bring the vibe. Basically we are gonna bring the BASS!

What are you looking forward to most at Conception Day?

Definitely keen to see the blue juice boys carve it up as well as our own Loose Change who have just dropped their new record. Overall, just pumped to see people kicking it to our tunes ;)

So, what’s next for Suburban Dark?

From a writing perspective, we are working on a coupla remixes at the moment and we have already started writing new shit for the New Year. We have also got a string of gigs coming over the summer so keep your eye out!