From Dodgy Bars to the Big Stage- Q&A With Sons of Alamo


Sons of Alamo recently won Macquarie University’s Battle of the Bands competition, scoring a slot at this year’s Conception Day. We had a chat with the boys about their new EP and how they hype themselves up. 

INTERVIEW Sarah Basford

Congratulations on winning Battle of the Bands, what is the secret to your success?

Thanks! We’re really stoked to play and we’re really thankful to the guys that made it happen! And I’m not really sure if there is a secret to success. We try and appeal to what people respond to and it seems to work! Lately we’ve been writing a lot of music for our new EP that we will be recording soon and we’ve really focused on trying to appeal to what people respond to at our live shows and online. We also really think and formulate our live shows with song choices and song placement to make it more enjoyable. So I don’t think there’s a great secret, but just logic and thought gone into everything we do.

What can we expect from the live show at Conception Day?

We are in the midst of pre-production for our new EP, which means there should be some new songs in the Conception Day set. We’re really keen to get this music out to people and see some reaction. We’re really excited to play so there will most likely be a lot of dancing and good times coming from the stage.

What are you looking forward to most at Conception Day?

We’re looking forward to a good time with sunshine, drinks, and good music! We’re really keen play on a great stage to a great crowd and try and appeal to a new audience. I know for a fact that Kev (drums) is “looking forward to seeing a packed out festival with a great vibe. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see the Tokyo play! Keen as to see them live!”. I think Kev will be like a little kid in a candy store.

As a students, how do you balance university, playing in the band and other activities?

At the moment, Rohan (bass) and I are students. Rohan is at UTS, I’m a student at Macquarie uni, and Jordan (vocals) has a degree in film production so we all have gone through the balancing act of uni life and band life as well as working to fund the band. Kev (drums) and Jordan both work full time and we organise gigs between work and rehearse and gig week nights and weekends. I balance the band, uni, and working as a waiter so I’m always pretty busy but it hopefully won’t be like this the whole time! Between all this we have bonding time with drinking and BBQs and small band trips to play music and experience things to write about. We’re also always communicating when we’re not together, sending any song ideas, talking gigs and other plans.

What kind of impact do you think your online presence has had on your band’s success? Facebook, YouTube?

We believe that social networking is a key part of bands these days and we try and use this to our advantage. When you’re a small band, there’s no better way for people to find out about you and what you’re like then the Internet. We use our Facebook like a website and post all important information and links to our music and videos. YouTube is important to us and thanks to Jordan and his film degree, we make a lot of videos for our music and live songs and try and create interest on YouTube and Facebook and it has worked for us so far. It’s a great way to get your music out there and get people listening and it’s easy to share with friends on Facebook.

What’s next for Sons of Alamo?

As I said before, we’re working on our new EP, which we will be recording in October. We’re really trying to appeal to a larger audience and the industry and are really happy to be working with great people to help create the EP. We’ve kind of made a deal with each other that this is going to be the EP to hype up and we’re really keen to get this new music out to everyone because we’re really happy with the sound and want other people to hear it. We’re going to be setting up more gigs following the EP and hopefully some more great opportunities will come from it all!