Forget France, Let’s Tour de Sydney!


WORDS Avery Phillips

‘Tis the season for riding!

Chris Froome, winner of the Tour De France 2013, giving a thumbs up

If the Tour De France is just out of reach and you’ve dreamed of a jersey to call your own, the third annual Sydney Rides Festival just might be the answer you need. From 13 to 27 October Sydney will play host to more than 25 cycling celebration events, including a 300-metre dash up Observatory Hill on the 27th for the glory of being crowned the Mountain Goat Lord in Lycra (and the accompanying polka dot jersey)

Self-titled ‘Lord of the Couch’ cycling enthusiasts aren’t excluded from the excitement either, with sessions of short and feature films showcasing different cycling experiences being held at Deny Opera Queys on 17 and 18 October.  For the price of just $20 (or $32 for a double session) you can enjoy the excitement of participating without ever having to leave your seat!

Cycling is growing in popularity around Australia as more people recognise it as a cheap, healthy and fun form of transportation. More information about the Sydney Rides Festival (and that incredibly polka dotted jersey) can be found at

[box_dark]Join the Macquarie University Ride2Uni Day on 16 October 2013. More info on and Facebook event page.[/box_dark]