Conception Day DOs


WORDS Ben McCarthy

As most Macquarie students will know by now, Conception Day for 2013 is coming up on Friday on the 11th of October. While this day is often a great escape from the often monotonous routine of classes, we must all be careful when we are celebrating this great day. No, this is not an article written by the fun police telling you what you can and cannot do while partying. Instead, we want to ensure that you have a great but safe time this Conception Day. We’ve put our thinking caps on at Grapeshot and come up with some of the best tips for having a ball, but also some things that no one wants to see at ANY festival.


  • Invite friends from other universities – the more the merrier!
  • Get involved with set-up activities – there’s always a foam pit or dodgem car ring at these things!
  • Support the artists – these guys gave been good enough to perform, go watch and enjoy!
  • Eat – make sure to line your stomach with SOMETHING next Friday, you know why…
  • Drink – Yes, by all means indulge in responsible amounts of alcohol, but try and stay hydrated as well.

These are just a few do’s that will ensure you have a great time on Conception Day. Who knows, if you take our great advice, you might just have a memorable time. Having witnessed some nasty incidents at Conception Day before, I urge that you stay safe! See you there!