Cheese of the Week: Tasmanian Heritage Triple Cream Brie


WORDS Stephanie Lewis

So, my mum does this thing where she can’t actually cook dinner without snacking on something at the same time. This snack is often cheese and crackers. Which means whenever I go home for dinner, I am mortified if there is not a wheel of something out on a plate ready for me to consume. This happened the other night. Shock horror. Luckily this tasty treat was hiding in the fridge.

Really, why have regular brie when you can have triple cream brie? It’s literally three times as good. Three times as creamy, three times more flavour, three times as delicious. It’s brie to the power of three.

I managed to consume the large majority of this oval wheel, so if you’re not really into sharing food I’d probably save this one for some alone time.

#yolo #noregrets*

Best: consumed alone while cooking. Or watching someone else cook. But distracting them with chatter and such so they don’t want any cheese. Excellent.

Cost me: nothing. Mum and Dad bought it, thus it is free.

*please forgive me, I just rewatched the Justin Timberlake/Jimmy Fallon hashtag video and couldn’t resist. #wecantstop