Welcome to Issue 7 ‘Music’


Editor-in-Chief Nathan Li and Deputy Editor Mia Kwok take you through this collector’s music edition.

There’s an opiate quality about the spring time. It’s something that makes you want to nap in the sun, but only after running around wildly with no purpose. Luckily for us, Conception Day provides ample opportunity for both.

This year, get ready for week-long celebrations as Macquarie University brings you carnival days, movie nights and Ubar parties, followed by some of the best bands and DJ sets for the big day. This Conception Day special issue sets out all that’s coming up, including special feature on the history of Conception Day (p.16).

As we celebrate the power of music in this issue, it proved to be quite a challenge to translate beats and melodies into words on paper. We have invited musicians to share with us their talents, inspirations and persistent hard work. We have Conception Day headliners, local uprising artists and even street performers (p.18-27). No matter where they are in their career and public recognition, these creatives represent the strength of Australia and the future of our audio landscape. You just need to glance at the cover to see the diversity of the music scene, but don’t just look – you can read about it too (p.12).

[box_light]This issue is dedicated to creative talents. As we are approaching the end of 2013, we are looking to hand over the reins to wonderful new students who will continue this publication next year. It can be any one of you – as long as you have a passion for driving student communication and creating the vibrant culture that Macquarie University is all about. Join the team here.[/box_light]