Film Review: Hidden Universe


REVIEW Alycia Crofton

Why do we stare up into the night sky fascinated with the stars?

For some there is a sense of home and belonging, for others a reality check of just how small we are. Before the light of cities masked the brilliance above us, people relied on the stars and moon for navigation and agriculture.

Now recent scientific discoveries reveal that everything we are and know are made from the remnants of stars.

This stunning documentary explores the secrets of space through stories of astronomers, who are obsessed with the never-ending mapping of our universe. There are spectacularly detailed images of galaxies, planets and the life stages of stars,  which can only be captured from gigantic telescopes in the middle of a desert. These ethereal clouds of jewels are jaw dropping and make me think what heaven must be like with bling.

The human ingenuity that allows us to see back in time and learn our own life history is utterly incredible. I’ve been a sceptic of why so much money and time is spent learning about outer space when I can see so much need for it right here on Earth. However, this film was educational, inspiring and left me wishing it wasn’t so short.

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