Across the Bar: 21st Century Romance



Dear Bartender,

I’m a woman in her early 20s trying to date in a 21st century world and I need some advice on my most recent ‘romantic’ encounter.

I was recently at a party, rocking the red lippy and feeling fine and this guy came over. After talking to me for an hour or two and sneaking a hand on my knee he follows with: ‘Do you have an iPhone 4 charger?’

After clarifying whether he meant ‘on me?’  or ‘at my house’ it became clear that he had already decided he was coming home with me and wanted to know how he would charge his phone in the morning.

Are my standards too high? Am I expecting a modern gentleman when I should just accept a modern Neanderthal? Is seduction dead?


I want a little romance?


Oh girl, do I hear you,

Where the eff is the seduction? Surely in an era of James Bond and Ryan Gosling, you would think that some men would have picked up on the clue that a little jua de vive goes a long way. Well, just in case you needed it reaffirmed, allow me to speak for society when I say you deserve better than a verbalised after thought about surviving battery life.

Man advice on this one is, stay fierce! While he gets points for having the cojones to even try that line, shut that shit down. If you’re looking for more than a casual hook-up, then definitely expect more from a proposition. Stay away from casual players if it’s not what you want: there’s nothing but empty promises and lacklustre text messages there. Keep your eye on that boy whose main concern with his phone is if it has your number in it.

The Bartender.


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