Welcome to Issue 6 ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’


Editor-in-Chief Nathan Li and Deputy Editor Mia Kwok take you through a special edition of Grapeshot that is all about enhancing your wellbeing.

If we look to Australian media, it seems like there is nothing going on in the world but the upcoming federal election, and with the Prime Minister visiting our campus (p.5), who could blame us for getting a little election fever? For those who haven’t been paying attention, we’re here to remind you of the key issues this election (p.8). We will certainly be there with bells on, toddling hungover to the polling booth to exercise our democratic right.

Meanwhile, let us offer you this spectacular edition of Grapeshot that is all about you. We have dedicated this edition to helping you get through university intact: Body, Mind and Spirit. We want you to look after yourselves this semester. Take a look at your and your friends’ mental health (p.25), learn what yoga is all about (p.28) or discover that there is this phenomenon called Sunday morning which is actually worth getting up for (p.32). Everything in moderation, we say, because not surprisingly, your physical and mental health can have huge impact on your ability to perform… academically.

Speaking of performance, our dear old Macquarie is having its first ever Sex Week starting Monday 26 August. Following the examples of Harvard, Yale and a handful of other universities, Macquarie is hosting a week full of activities to raise sexual awareness – the 18+ edition – and it’s so much more than putting condoms on bananas (p.20). There are several workshops run by Queerspace, sexologists, former Paralympian Denise Beckwith. Plus, information for those whose high school education didn’t extend to the realms of trans, sex toys or ‘How to make your vulva happy’. The week reaches a climax with an introductory course on BDSM.

Lastly, we would like to thank our cover model Manisha Josephraja for embodying body, mind and spirit so flawlessly (with her imaginary triplet sisters). It is a different approach than what we have taken on previous covers, and the result is stunning. This edition is not a how-to guide; we simply aim to raise awareness of all sorts of personal and larger issues that we may encounter as university students – and we want you to be open about them.