Student Group Profile: MUMSA


Macquarie University Muslim Students Association (MUMSA) is a vibrant and busy student group on Campus. We are a community of individuals from various backgrounds and cultures which aims to provide its members and the wider Macquarie Uni community with a range of uplifting events and educate the wider community about Islam. Events in the past year range from soccer tournaments, fitness sessions, Arabic classes, lectures, BBQs, pizza days, annual dinners, free lunches, breakfasts during Ramadan, inter-university events, competitions and charity fundraisers. MUMSA aspires not only to make a dynamic and exciting uni experience for its members but also welcomes the wider Macquarie Uni community to participate in their various activities. MUMSA is eager to continue serving its members and to contribute positively to the university.


Macquarie University Muslim Students Association presents to you the amazing marquee exhibition “Arabian Bazaar”. The week includes FREE food and coffee each day of the week and daily Islamic talks. Free lunch on the Thursday 12th and charity fundraiser on Wednesday 11th including BBQ and sweet stall. Don’t miss an amazing opportunity to experience traditional foods and witness an intriguing exhibition!

Time: 9am-4pm

Date: 9-13 September 2013
Venue: Central Courtyard

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