Student Group Profile: AIESEC Macquarie


WORDS Brian Nguyen

AIESEC Macquarie is a student-run organisation that aims to promote youth leadership and self-development through exchange. Primarily, this means volunteering, teaching or participating in an overseas internship. These volunteer exchange programs are called the Go Global programs, which are the core provider of vivid cultural experiences, personal growth and great global networking.

Soft skills, leadership capabilities, public speaking, new cultural experiences, independence and global connections are just some of the many benefits that AIESEC Exchange offers for students. Perhaps you may like to improve yourself for the workforce, experience a completely new culture or leap outside your comfort zone. Whatever it is, our job at AIESEC Macquarie is to connect you to programs that ultimately reach your personal goals and aspirations.

Over the years, AIESEC Macquarie has sent a number of exchange participants on volunteering exchange to various countries such as Hungary, Poland, China, Taiwan and Mexico. One participant is Danielle Briones who went to Ukraine on an internship involving the preparation and presentation of soft-skill workshops. She says “If I were to describe everything that I had learnt on this amazing journey, one page would not be enough.  It was the first time I was able to immerse myself in a different culture with people of diverse values and beliefs. Preparing and presenting these workshops allowed me to practice public speaking skills and work in a team environment. By the end of the internship I gained a family who supported and grew alongside each other.”

The other program that AIESEC Macquarie provides is the Professional Advantage Program. This program offers students in Macquarie University the chance to develop their leadership skills by becoming a member of various roles ranging from Finance and Governance, Outgoing Exchange, Incoming Exchange, Talent Management, Marketing and Communications, University Relations and External Relations. These portfolios work on different schemes from creating marketing events on campus, managing relationships with university and external parties and negotiating projects for overseas programs. Currently, we have 46 members in the AIESEC Macquarie team who work together on the shared goal of providing a magnificent and supportive journey for our exchange participants.

With the vision of fulfilling humankind’s potential and working towards world peace, AIESEC Macquarie is motivated for the years to come. Interested in becoming an AIESECer of Macquarie University? We welcome you to go to our website to find more information and apply for our programs.