Music Review: Sleep in the Water by Snakadaktal


REVIEW Sarah Basford

I was a little weary approaching this band. In my experience, you should never judge an artist by their name, but with an oddball name like Snakadaktal, I really had no idea what to expect.
Luckily for me, Sleep in the Water is a beautifully crafted sonic experience that really leaves you feeling like you’re asleep in some non-descript body of water. The band takes a boy-girl approach to their songs, with Phoebe Cockburn’s soft and exposed vocals taking on seven of the albums tracks and Sean Heathcliff’s sorrowful tone taking on the remaining five (there’s an interlude chucked in the mix). The harmonies on most tracks give extra depth to can be described as minimalist dream pop.

Tracks such as “Ghost” and “Union” highlight the vulnerability of Phoebe’s voice and evoke emotions that not even Chris Crocker could comprehend. The cathartic tides of these songs drag you out past the crashes of waves into a calm ocean of sparkling water; an uncommon but welcome feeling in reaction to the chaos of manufactured music that’s being churned out. “Fall Underneath” and lead single, “Hung on Tight” showcase a slightly more upbeat side to the band with infectious melodies and lyrics that will surely get you slowly bopping along.

So if you’ve been looking for a new release to chill out to at night or while driving, this album will have you gliding through calm oceans among friendly sea animals in no time.

Top tracks: Ghost, Too Soon, Fall Underneath and Union

Rating: 4 out of 5

Check out the lead single, “Hung on Tight”.