MacBuddhi Presents: Mindfulness Meditation Sessions


WORDS Olivia Whenman

It’s the start of the semester and some of you may already be feeling stressed and a little on edge. Well here is something that might ease your mind. From Monday the August 5 the Macquarie University MacBuddhi Society will be running weekly meditation sessions from 11-12pm in the Drysdale Room, Campus Hub. The meditation sessions will be run by Jean Brick, an experienced lay meditation practitioner, and they’re open to all Macquarie students of all skill levels. During these sessions students can learn both the basics of mindful meditation as well as other forms of meditation, including walking meditation.

University can be very stressful for some and trying to find a balance between study, work and social time can be a challenge. Finding a space that is quiet and calming can sometimes provide the respite you need from a busy life.   MacBuddhi President Joyce Man explains that, “Meditation helps us to settle our minds amidst the internal chaos to find the peace that lies within. Instead of automatically reacting to everything around us, regular meditation practice can assist is to build our inner clarity and our awareness of our thoughts, emotions and actions the meditation sessions.”

MacBuddhi was formed in 1997 and is a non-denominational society. Joyce has also previously written an article for Grapeshot called ‘Finding the Peace Within’, about the benefits of meditation. She explains that whilst mindfulness originated from Buddhism 2,500 years ago it is a relatively new practice in Western psychology. Mindfulness Joyce says, aims to allow individuals to live in the present and embrace and accept “right now.”

So if you’re feeling a little bit frazzled and need some down time, start your week off with MacBuddhi’s Mindful Meditation Sessions.  For more information, join the MacBuddhi Facebook page or contact MacBuddhi at