Law Revue 2013


WORDS Regina Featherstone

You know that feeling of regret and sadness after spending seventeen precious dollars on an unfunny Vince Vaughn ‘comedy’ at the movies? Or when you buy a a muffin from the window, only to discover the top of the muffin is big but the rest is ridiculously tiny? Well if it is value that you are looking for, look no further than Macquarie University Law Revue 2013. With tickets only $10 for students and $12 for adults you get a couple of hours of politically incorrect humour, skits, singing and dancing.

Law Revue is a performance night written, directed and performed by students for the general public. The night is full of laughs with clever satire that you wouldn’t believe could come from those stressed out, sleep-deprived law student friends of yours!

This year directors, Libby Goode and Riana Head Toussaint and their cast have centred the plot around Chicago. The team have been in rehearsals for the last month with everybody putting in long hours to deliver a quality show. Libby said we can expect, “A bit of nudity and some good rude jokes with some tasteful and some not so much.” There are some big musical numbers with Darth Vader and world renowned actor, Nicholas Cage making an appearance.

We all know that university can drive everyone a bit nuts stressing over readings and assignments. Law Revue is a chance for all law students with pent up creativity to write, sing and perform with one another. Alternatively, it is a chance for students to see their peers in a light that is different to their usual study-ghoul like selves.

If you are sick of boring Australian politics and want to see, as Libby put it, “shit being hurled from both sides…with some standout send ups of Kev, Jules and Tony” then head online to to purchase a ticket.


Time: 8:00pm

Date: 29 August – 7 September

Venue: Macquarie Lighthouse Theatre

Facebook Event: