Cheese of the Week: South Cape Australian Gouda.


REVIEW Stephanie Lewis

The only reason I picked this Cheese of the Week was because of the She’s the Man reference. In a training exercise aimed to provide Channing Tatum with the skills to make small talk with the ladies, he is instructed by Amanda Bynes (bless her once squeaky clean soul), who is disguised as a boy, to ask (awkwardly stuttering) “Do you like … cheese?” To which she replies in a girly voice, “Why yes, I do! My favourite’s gouda!”

You kind of had to be there.

Anyway, to be honest, this cheese did not excite. True, it was not offensive. The texture was nice and firm, the taste mild and a little fruity. Still, nothing too wild. Enjoyable, yes. Life changing, no.

Best: on a cheese platter, to break up all the more interesting cheeses.

Cost me: $4.25 But I feel like my Everyday Rewards card had something to do with this. For once.  So satisfying to finally swipe that bad boy and see the $$ come down (and by $$ I mean $1.03).