Cheese of the Week: Mersey Valley Basil and Garlic Pesto


REVIEW: Stephanie Lewis

The green sister of last week’s cheese, this sharp and crumbly cheddar is another wonderchild creation. Because really, when will you ever want pesto without cheese? And vice versa. Once again, save the time and money associated with two separate products and use this one super product.

The old Sweet Chilli of last week is probably still the favourite Mersey Valley variation, but this is a close second. I am yet to try the Pickled Onion or Peppercorn Medley varieties, but am convinced that they just won’t come close to the classic combination of green and cheese. However the Peppercorn Medley does sound jolly.

Cost me: around $5

Best: whisked with eggs and milk and scrambled. Add cherry tomatoes at the last minute and serve on toast. Cheese + egg + pesto + tomato + bread = failsafe. Alternatively, add it to your mashed potato to achieve a delicious taste and worryingly green tinge.