Cheese of the Week: Alambra Cypriot Haloumi


REVIEW Stephanie Lewis

Haloumi. Oh, haloumi. I remember out first encounter. I was 18, fresh out of school. It was the beginning of my six-month stint as a vegetarian. My mum squeezed you in between cherry tomatoes and eggplant on a veggie kebab, and I was all, “wass diss?” (Classic ungrateful teenager. Your mum makes you an alternate meal to the rest of the family, and you critique her choice of ingredient. Shut up past Steph.) And then I tasted your perfection. So salty, rubbery and squeaky, eating you is like eating a delicious shoe.

Cost me: $4.99

Best: fried in a dash of olive oil, then squeeze some lemon on top. Hot and tasty. This is the big plus with haloumi; if you’ve ever wondered what fried cheese would be like, he’s your man!