Welcome to Issue 5 ‘Memories’: Bigger, Better, Brand-New Grapeshot


It’s a whole new semester with a bigger and better edition of Grapeshot and Deputy Editor Mia Kwok takes us through the new look and perspective.

Welcome back to Semester Two. It doesn’t matter if you spent the holiday drinking your way through Europe, backpacking through Asia, or like our editorial team, you spent it here on campus – we’re all back into the swing of class timetables, unit guides and the lines at the Co-op bookshop.

During the winter break we asked our contributors to write to their heart’s content on any topic they like for our blog. I have to admit, we were surprised with the submissions of many similar topics which reflect current social and political situations. We have some articulate feminists amongst our ranks who expressed opinions on topics that are close to their hearts.

In the spirit of sharing stories, we hope you enjoy this ‘Memories’ issue of Grapeshot Magazine. We ask former Miss Universe Australia about her graduation this year and fond memories of her time at our university (p.14). We seek out the history of our student publication and all its predecessors (p.15). We hear about two students sharing emotional journeys into their grandmothers’ pasts (p.18). Also, we have our faithful columnists continuing to provide us with tears of laughter (p.5 & p.46), turning food for thought into a magnificent dinner party (p.42), plus ‘The Stew’ takes a historical bent this issue, showing us the best of Sydney’s past (p.44).

We are proud to present the new ‘U&I’ column (p.10). This new feature involves one international student and one domestic student hanging out and sharing their memories and life experiences with each other. You can read their touching letters inside the magazine. The best part? Lunch is on us! So come contact us at grapeshot@mq.edu.au if you’re interested in participating next month!

I have to take a moment here to commend Vice Chancellor Professor S. Bruce Dowton on his efforts to share Macquarie University’s story in his ‘Framing of Futures’ Green Paper (p.7). As our university approaches its 50th anniversary, it’s time to show how much we’ve grown from a 1960s ‘bush university’ towards an ivory tower of innovation and integrated learning. The Green Paper outlines the VC’s vision for the future and how he plans to get us there.

We look forward to creating new memories in another semester, and we hope you can join us and share your stories on Facebook, Twitter and Grapeshot Online grapeshotmq.com.au.