Want some quiet study space?


WORDS Tim Hendry

One of Macquarie University’s best kept secrets is a quiet study space with permanent storage facilities and even a tea room.

Located off room 325 in building C5A, the study space has desks, lockable drawers and locker facilities. It can even provide very basic computer facilities for students. The study space has an adjoining kitchen and meeting room, and nearby washroom facilities.

Better still, the space is barely used as few student know about it. There are often free desks and in some cases students get the entire space to themselves. Postgraduate students can book the space on an on-going basis but all students are welcome to drop in and use it if they need.

The meeting room is available to student groups to run quiet events, as is the study space upon request. The meeting room has a large round table, desks, easily accessible power outlets and can hold up to twenty people.

To gain access you’ll need to either enter via C5A329 or knock on the C5A325 door as the space is to some degree hidden, but is otherwise easily accessible.