Film Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist


REVIEW Anna Glen

Director Mira Nair has brought a thought-provoking film to our screens with The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The film follows Changez, a Pakistani man who travels to America, studies at Princeton University and subsequently becomes a successful analyst at a consultancy firm. He is, by all standards, living the American Dream.

However, after the 9/11 attacks there is a significant shift in the American psyche with a sharp rise in Islamophobia driven by increasing paranoia. Changez is subject to unwarranted arrests, demeaning strip searches and other racist taunts. He proclaims that he “loves America” but his “side was chosen for him”.

There are some poignant scenes that, in isolation, effectively convey this message, but as a whole the film is flawed by the fact that the thriller element of the film fails to take off. Though this aspect of the film makes it fundamentally flawed, The Reluctant Fundamentalist  is an important and timely film that should be seen by all.