Student Group Profile: Socialist Alternative


WORDS Bianca Abbott

In light of the current economic crisis it’s becoming more evident that Karl Marx was right when he said “[t]he proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.”

The capitalist system has led to austerity raging throughout Europe, dispossessing people from their homes, leaving them jobless and hopeless. If you think this rotten system has a lot to answer for, that the world should be organised for human need not human greed, you should get in touch with the Socialist Alternative.

Socialist Alternative is dedicated to fighting the injustices of the capitalist system, standing in firm solidarity with the oppressed. Socialist Alternative has participated in several campaigns such as that of marriage equality, justice for Palestine, opposing environmental destruction, opposing the cuts to universities around Australia, freeing the refugees and support for union struggles.

If you are passionate about changing the world, come and visit Socialist Alternative on campus.

For further information you can find Socialist Alternative on Facebook and here.