Student Group Profile: MUMS


WORDS Olivia Whenman

At Macquarie University the humble media student can often be spotted trekking across campus to a place far, far away. Its scientific name is Y3A. Its nickname sometimes involves expletives. But have no fear sour faced media students, because Y3A has spawned one of Macquarie’s newest and coolest student groups, the Macquarie University Media Society or MUMS.

MUMS was founded at the start of 2013 by fellow media students Lucy Cook, Lily Davis and Stephanie Lewis. In fact, you could say that these three media savvy ladies weren’t going to keep MUM about that fact that there was no existing group platform for media students to engage in, and so the Macquarie University Media Society was born.

Founder and Grapeshot Section Editor, Stephanie Lewis, says: “There are so many media students at Macquarie, and sometimes media can feel like one of those degrees where you don’t really know anyone, as there are so few core units, and it can be so broad and flexible. So we decided to try and combat that, and bring people together.”

[quote]MUMS aims to facilitate networking and professional development for media students at Macquarie University.”[/quote]

At Macquarie, Bachelor of Arts – Media is a three year course that sees students undertake units in areas such as radio, public relations, screen production, non-fiction writing and web production. It’s because of this wide scope of information, MUMS “aims to facilitate networking and professional development for media students at Macquarie University,” Stephanie says.

Basically, MUMS is a great way for media and non-media students alike to get to know each other and maybe even collaborate on projects both within and outside of the media course.

So far, the society has had a successful semester one meet up for members at Ubar and is now in the final stages of planning a media careers panel called ‘Spotlight: The Future for Media Students’. The panel is to be presented at the start of Semester Two. Stephanie explains, “There will be five speakers from a range of areas in the media industry, and should be a fascinating insight into what’s happening out there!”

MUMS have a stall at Macfest where they promise there will be confectionary treats as well as the sweet incentive of a FREE joining fee. That’s right MUMS is free to join. So for anyone looking to network, collaborate or just learn something new, get on over to their Macfest stall or throw the Macquarie University Media Society an at email at It’s that easy!