Student Group Profile: Macquarie University United Nations Society


WORDS Emma Vlatko

“We’re going to veto your ass.” The delegate for India is on the warpath and willing to take everyone down with him. Once again he has conveniently forgotten that this is not the Security Council, and India does not possess veto rights. Committee Chairman, Alex Wilde (an executive member of the society) does not intervene, he is too entertained by the spectacle.  The representative for the United States, to whom the remark was aimed, replies coolly, “India is being pretty aggressive for a country asking for aid.” But the over excited delegates are too loud, and drown his words out.

Such is a typical evening with the Macquarie University United Nations Society (MQUN). But what else would you expect when young, passionate Macquarie University students come together to discuss real international issues? Often, solutions to the problems are found. But other times, like the scene above, hypothetical worlds are pushed to the brink of war.

The United Nations was established in 1945, replacing the “failed” League of Nations after the Second World War. Its aim was (and still is) to promote and maintain international peace and cooperation. Overtime, the United Nations has grown to become the international forum for 193 Member States to come together and diplomatically resolve international disputes.

Whilst, MQUN might not have the global reach of the real United Nations, the society makes up for it in dedication, enthusiasm and energy. Offering on campus events and exclusive access to intervarsity Model United Nations conferences (or MUNs), the United Nations Society is a one-stop-shop for international diplomacy.

The society’s events are fortnightly. Training evenings give members a chance to learn rules of procedure and diplomatic techniques. Mini-MUNs on the other hand, give students the opportunity to put their training into action. If you’re feeling especially motivated, Sydney based, interstate and international conferences happen all year round. Though MQUN you can join the official delegations. Model UN conferences have been held since the start of the UN itself. Today, over 400,000 students participate globally!

If you’re interested in joining the United Nations Society, or just want some more information, check out our Facebook page or email us at: