Student Group Profile: MacEnviro


WORDS Michelle Zirkzee

MacEnviro is a group of students who “care about making a difference in the world to protect and care for the environment”. Past activities include campaigning for environmental issues, sharing information, links, events etc with each other on all environmental aspects, attending ASEN (Australian Student Environment Network) training camps and doing a water survey on campus – Mars Creek runs straight into Lane Cove National Park.

Currently, MacEnviro is working closely with SSN (Student Sustainability Network at MQ ) to have no bottled water bought and sold on campus. The environmental impacts on bottled water are huge. Numerous bubblers and bottle refill stations can be found around campus. The fresh, free, cold water readily available ensures that no student or staff member ever needs to pay the hefty sum for one of life’s essentials.

This year’s meeting time is yet to be confirmed, so any student keen on joining will be able to have a say, and of course participate in steering the group to new and exciting environmental campaigns!

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