Student Group Profile: Enactus


WORDS Safal Tuli

Enactus Macquarie University is a community of students, academic and business leaders committed to using entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better and more sustainable world.

On the 3rd to 5th July the Enactus team from Macquarie University took part in the 2013 Enactus Nationals Championships, held at Hilton Hotel in Sydney. They competed against 22 Enactus teams from universities across Australia in a bid to represent the country at the Enactus World Cup in Mexico. Six months of preparation, early mornings and late nights, and countless rehearsals later, the Enactus Macquarie team was ready to present before a panel of judges at the National Championships.

One organisation. Five projects. Four speakers. One annual report. One PowerPoint presentation. These were the elements that defined the tense, two-day event, not to mention the energy of an entire team of supporters bringing forth the vision of Enactus Macquarie to demonstrate how the team most effectively empowered people in need.

When the day of Nationals finally arrived, it was the moment to display with great passion the achievements of the team. Nervous excitement buzzed through our ranks, but it was the speakers who had the most challenging of roles. Nevertheless, the faces of Enactus Macquarie – Bobby Tran, Jocelyn Tan, Ishrat Hasan and Sijing Chen – fearlessly stepped up onto the stage and helped the team into the Semi-Finals.

Ranking Top 8 in the National Championships was no small feat. Our accomplishment was only punctuated by a prestigious Spirit of Enactus Award given to the top 2 teams in the leagues; Enactus Macquarie was recognised for its team spirit and commitment while positively empowering the community.  For example, our own Green Minds project recycled 112kg of coffee ground waste from Macquarie University. Our Inspiring Leadership Program also recruited 31 university students to become mentors in a high school!

The Nationals Experience, an annual highlight for the team, was the climactic resolution of a campaign of innovative and empowering action dedicated to the betterment of communities throughout Sydney. It was also an opportunity to witness the positive impact made by our Enactus counterparts in universities all over the country. Many projects were marvellously impressive: Enactus UWA recycled 18,000 shoes to be resold to Ghana.

United by the spirit of entrepreneurial action and innovation, Enactus Macquarie is excited for the new semester ahead of us. Interested in joining our team of world-changers? Find us at