Student Group Profile: ChocSocMQ


WORDS Megan Smith

Do you love chocolate more than Charlie Bucket? Macquarie University’s most gluttonous student society comes in the form of a confectionery-loving collective who have dedicated themselves to the art of chocolate.

ChocSocMQ is hopelessly devoted to chocolate and its every conceivable function and formula, and they want to share their love with you. Their aim is to entice their members by connecting with each other in a comfortable and positive environment. ChocSocMQ is an inclusive and cohesive community that recognises the importance of social interaction among young people and their shared passion for chocolate.

Boasting hundreds of globalised members with sweet teeth and a penchant for socialising, there is never a dull moment in ChocSocMQ. The group is an offshoot of the University of Sydney’s popular Chocolate Society, and thanks to some enterprising students, we now have our very own at Macquarie University. Upon joining this delectable group you will receive a membership card that guarantees a 5% discount at Oliver Brown Rhodes and the opportunity to attend awesome social events, like chocolate egg hunts at Easter.

Plus, like all good student societies, being part of ChocSocMQ gives you the chance to make friends from every walk of life. So, if you’re reading this with your head nodding and mouth watering, then search for them or like them on Facebook.

If you’re reading this and you don’t like chocolate… who let you out of your dungeon? Join now to get your teeth rotting, your blood sugar soaring, and your taste buds completely satisfied.