Step up to BIOL392


WORDS Megan Smith

Now you can make our world a greener place while gaining work experience and academic credits at the same time. Previously an exclusive extra-curricular activity, Green Steps has now been transformed into BIOL392, a new unit at Macquarie University.

Convened by Macquarie’s Director of Sustainability Leanne Denby and Sustainability Officer Belinda Bean, Green Steps was previously offered as a scholarship to groups of around ten Macquarie students annually by Monash University. As a unit, BIOL392 is much more accessible, open to all Macquarie students with 39 credit points being the only prerequisite.
The unit teaches students how to assist businesses in reducing their environmental impact, about corporate drivers for sustainability and how to engage staff, change behaviour and reduce environmental impacts with practical environmental initiatives. Undertaking the unit will aid in the growth of presentation and communication skills and encourage the establishment of leadership qualities.

Don’t be fooled by the name, BIOL392 is not at all biology oriented. Instead, the course teaches about water, energy and waste auditing skills. Students will be placed in an internship at an organisation that carries out green auditing and campaign tasks that target behavioural changes. Studying BIOL392 will help further students’ communication and presentation skills so that they can be more effective in leadership in future workplaces.

As a PACE/ participation unit, BIOL392 is completed with either a pass or fail mark. And it keeps getting better, attendance is only required over two blocks of 3-day on-campus session days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday over two different weeks.

So if you’re interested in establishing work experience with implementing a real sustainability project, engaging with others with behaviour change skills, and gain new confidence to create positive environmental change. The completion of BIOL392 will ensure that you become part of a national sustainability alumni network.