Ryan Gosling Cake


RECIPE Brendon D’Souza

We recently bade farewell to a friend and work colleague Kelsey.  Definitely a Ryan Gosling fan, she always signs off message with “Love and Ryan Gosling Abs”. I wanted to surprise her with a funny going-away present so I came up with the idea to make a Ryan Gosling Abs cake.

I picked up an ordinary, rectangular marble cake from the supermarket. It had a thick layer of pink butter-cream icing spread over the top; the perfect foundation for a cake. The icing holds the layers of fondant and cake together.


  • I cut two 1cm thick pieces from either side to form the body and shoulder base shape.
  • Then I cut the cake into pieces to flesh out the pecs and abs. At this stage it was okay to leave them fairly cube-ish because the fondant surface layer could easily be moulded.
  • I rolled out a piece of yellow fondant (my colour mixing didn’t quite go to plan) and layered it over the surface. I brushed warm jam onto the sides of the cake to hold the fondant in place.
  • Using a wooden chopstick marked the grooves between the muscles, then used a black food-colour marker to draw the outline.

Ryan Gosling Abs Cake 1

All that was left to do was print out a Ryan Gosling image and stick it in the top.

Ryan Gosling Abs Cake 2

Keep Smiling and Happy Cooking.