Nathan’s Hot List of the Week No.4


In less than a week we will need to be back to uni. Whether you’re excited for another semester or bumped for the gone-too-soon winter break, see our editor’s pick of things that deserve your attention right now. 

WORDS Nathan Li


1. Sneak Peek: Grapeshot Magazine Issue 5 ‘Memories’

My apologies for the much delayed weekly update of mine. We’ve been crazily busy producing the next edition of Grapeshot Magazine for you. We’re going up to 48 pages: bigger… and even better… The magazine will be out next week when you’re back at uni, and here’s a sneak peek for the cover :)


2. We Need To Talk About Kevin… Rudd

Last week Kevin Rudd announced that Australia will no longer accept asylum seekers without a visa. Is it a step forward for border security or backward for humanitarian pursuit? Read what Olivia Whenman has to say and let us know.


3. What Justin Bieber Doesn’t Deserve

Justin Bieber’s mum Pattie Mallette recently released a new book titled Nowhere But Up about her troubled upbringing. It looks like respect for each other is one of the ultimate messages in her telling of abandonment, depression and sexual abuse that she went through. Ironically, respect is one thing I don’t see Justin Bieber possesses through his behaviours to other people. And attention that he has like the following? One can only keep wishing and ‘beliebing’…


4. Selfies Obsession: Hot for the Wrong Reasons

Ahhh selfies! Just can’t get enough of them since we are all so beautiful and the world deserves to know that! More and more people, like Hollywood actress Olivia Munn and high school student Olympia Nelson, are standing up against the unhealthy selfies obsession. So, before they can eradicate this narcissism of the digital age, I have collated a bunch of hot selfies that captured some truly real moments of celebrities and famous people for your enjoyment… all for very obvious wrong reasons… (Click for full images)


5. Electronic Music

I may not be exactly the best person to talk to about music. But our resident swagger Igor Lukacevic has compiled a list of top ten electronic music albums that you should listen to (while reading Grapeshot?). Enjoy!