Nathan’s Hot List of the Week No.3


No list of the usual five items, as to Nathan there’s one thing only that mattered this week.

WORDS Nathan Li

1 (and only). Feminism at Grapeshot

In the past two months we have been quite vocal with feminism here at Grapeshot. With the unjust portrayal of Julia Gillard and women in politics and society, as a progressive publication for university students, we strongly feel the need to raise the issue and explore solutions.


We have published several features and opinion pieces associated with feminism:


While our effort is recognised and appreciated by many of our readers, it is disappointing to see some of the responses coming from others, mostly men I must say, in a degrading and offensive manner. And this has prompted our Deputy Editor Mia to openly seek advice from feminist writer and journalist Clementine Ford.

Our approach to featuring gender inequality has been labelled as “feminist trash”,  “a real shame” and misandry. For readers who came to out defense, they were attacked for being reverse-racists and advised to “wear goggles so shit doesn’t get in your eyes”.

These comments, among many other argumentative speeches, are isolated from contexts, uninformed by evidences, and inconsiderate and disrespectful to other students, the Grapeshot team and all others who support women with their endeavours for equality.

These keyboard warriors have hidden behind what is known as the freedom of speech as a justification for their attacks on others. You’re entitled to your opinions and we respect freedom of speech, but never at the expense of offence to any group or individual.

It seems as though our affirmative action is nothing but threatening to these commentors. And it frustrates me to see that some of us young people and university students in the 21st century still behave in such poor manners.

I’d say what really is a shame is their failure to develop appropriate social understanding and ideologies despite all these years of education.

We celebrate the success of men as much as we fight equality for women. We value men who are understanding of contexts, ambitious with their life and, very importantly respectful to others. In fact, we have featured male role models from various fields, including student and event manager Lucas Berullier, student and volunteer Nicholas McNulty, university vice-chancellor S. Bruce Dowton, student and comedian Mathew McKenna, radio presenter Tim Higgins, entrepreneurs Stefan Williams, Dominic Bressan and Jorden Minos, comedians Superwog and Mychonny, actor Troy Harrison, comedian and radio presenter Tom Ballard and student and bartender Jay Fuller. The unspoken ‘men’s power’ never needs to be emphasised.

Feminism is deemed a dirty word and not many may like to be associated with it. But this week I see the rise of pride for women at Grapeshot, and we’re not afraid to strive for even more.

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