Nathan’s Hot List of the Week No.2


Here comes another week of hotness in this winter.

WORDS Nathan Li

1. Canberra

So I spent this week in Canberra by myself – for no particular reason, just to change environment so that I am not in Sydney anymore. Not many people seem to like Canberra, but I do. I like the quietness, the flatness and the chilliness – just everything that Sydney doesn’t offer because it’s a global city. There’s also a kind of yuppiness that I like about Canberra. Young urban professionals is what ‘yup’ stand for; Canberra has a large young population with its university students and government professionals. There’s a lot to visit and checkout; everything is quite cool and chilly. I heart Canberra – definitely sh*t nobody says!


2. Man of Steel

If you haven’t seen the blockbuster of the year, you’re missing out. We highly recommend it. Check out our review here.


3. Contiki Tour of Duty New Zealand

Wanna travel and be famous at the same time? All you need is just a little craziness. Contiki is hosting a national search for a daredevil to tour around New Zealand. The winner will have to be up for all sorts of crazy challenges while being filmed on the free trip to the beautiful island country. Apply at by Tuesday 9 July. Hurry!


4. Barbie had a makeover?

The Barbie doll has been given a realistic make-over to reflect the figure of an average American 19 year old. I will actually let you decide whether this one is hot or not. I think the new Barbie looks a bit manly from the back actually.


5. Under the Dome

Channel Ten is really struggling with rating at the moment and they have to keep making program changes. They have brought us, fast-track only hours after it’s aired in the US, Under the Dome, a TV adaptation of Stephen King’s novel under the same title. Mysterious, cliff-hanging and dooming, much more so than The Simpsons MovieUnder the Dome is a reflection of our finite world and how people react and interact when big sh*t happens. It has the elements of our all-time favourites like Lost and Heroes with a large cast of interconnected characters, all with untold secrets and questionable agendas. We’re two episodes in and mysteries keep developing. Good one Channel Ten!