Student Group Profile: Asian Pop Society (MAPS)


WORDS Adrian Hizo

The Macquarie Asian Pop Society is one of the newest societies on campus, forming earlier this year and receiving official affiliation at the start of this semester.

Combining their love of Asian culture, music, all things K-pop and Gangnam style, MAPS aims to “provide students with the opportunity to share, explore and broaden their knowledge and understanding of the Asian culture through the medium of music” said President Mary Manalili.

Beginning with only six Asian Pop enthusiasts, this number has quickly leapt to 147 members, all whom are from diverse backgrounds.

“What I love about the society is that there is always something new you can learn from other members like discovering new artists, songs and languages.

People are always open minded and actually very comfortable, they are not afraid to act crazy whenever their favourite artists are brought up during events.

But most of all, the willingness of members to contribute and share the things they love on our Facebook page. There doesn’t seem to be a day where there are no new posts on our Facebook page, which is great!”

Already, the society has hosted two events, the first of which was a group welcome/discussion forum topped off with an Asian Pop themed trivia contest and dance competition.

“Our second event was a concert night. This event involved watching some of the concerts performed by some of the biggest names in Asian pop culture.”

The enthusiasm and energy of MAPS is quite contagious.

“No one is shy and everyone is up to do anything! I think this just makes everything better as no one is holding back and everyone is able to go crazy and have fun! I love MAPS!” said Marketing Director Anna Amoranto.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, so get your Gangnam (or some other) style on!

For more information on MAPS visit:

Or check out their Facebook or Twitter page!