Cheese of the Week: Mersey Valley Sweet Chilli Club Cheddar Vintage


REVIEW Stephanie Lewis

This “Sharp and Crumbly” cheese is probably the single greatest cheese I have ever tasted in my life. Big call. It’s an example of when two things that are awesome enough independently are combined to make one super product (e.g. cookies and cream ice cream, North West, the spork). Super tasty cheddar-y cheese with sweet chilli bits – crumbly and delicious. Not to mention versatile! Want to put sweet chilli and cheese on that food? Ha. Just put some sweet chilli cheese on it, you’ve saved yourself an ingredient! Woo!

Cost me: Again hopeless with this. At Woolies they had a 2 for $10 special?

Best served: Grilled with Vegemite on toast, and a hangover.