GIF Party: Working in Customer Service


Proudly curated and brought to you by no fabulous person other than Megan Smith

When I start my shift I’m like:

When a customer asks if I can get something for them I’m like:

When a customer asks me a really dumb question I’m like:

When I get a customer that’s really attractive I’m like:

And when I realise they’re there with their girlfriend I’m like:


On my lunch break I’m like:

When I suggest something to a customer and they don’t like it, I’m like:

When nobody is watching me work I’m like:


When we’ve been listening to 2day FM all day I’m like:


When I realise there’s still two hours left of my shift I’m like:

When someone messes up something I just cleaned, on the inside I’m like:


But on the outside I’m just like:

When I finally get the chance to chat with my co-workers we’re like:

When I get a customer who is nasty to me I’m like:

When I speak to a customer who is actually nice I’m like:


And when my shift is over and I can finally leave I’m like: