Advice With Megan: Money, Money, Money


WORDS Megan Smith

[dropcap]Q:[/dropcap]My good friend owes me money, not a ridiculous amount, but enough that I’d really like to get it back eventually. It’s kind of an uncomfortable situation, how do I bring this up with them?

[dropcap]A:[/dropcap] Being friends with someone generally means that you have the ability to talk openly and honestly about anything, from someone cute you fell in love with on the bus, to whether your breath smells like Mexican food. However, throwing money into what is usually a pretty sweet set- up tends to make things go a little haywire. You have to be really careful about monetary issues with someone you care about, I think it’s something about our crazy colourful currency that makes circumstances uncomfortable. And it is most likely going to be unavoidably awkward, so don’t dance around the issue. Just say it upfront but don’t be an arsehole about it either. A simple and breezy “Hey friend, I was just wondering if you’d be able to pay me back from when I lent you that money. Don’t feel obligated to pay me back right now, but sometime in the near future would be tops”. If they react badly, just quickly blurt out something about it going to charity and avoid any questions they may ask in the future about where you got your sick new shoes from. For future reference, make sure the grounds are clear. Make sure they know it’s a loan, stipulate that you want it back as soon as they can manage and don’t let it go on too long, lest they forget and you have to have this truly god-awful conversation again.